Sam Sparro “Black & Gold” video footage

When you first see this cat, and hear him talk, he reminds me of Hugh Grant,(the dude that got caught with the prostitute) but when you hear him sing, you hear one of the best new soulful voices around. Mr. Sam Sparro’s (down with Mr. Mark Ronson) self titled release might make my top ten list this year. Here is the making of the video “Black & Gold…

On the set of Black & Gold

…but I like these 2 snippets

Sam Sparro – Waiting For Time



Sam Sparro – Too Many Questions


One Response to Sam Sparro “Black & Gold” video footage

  1. vivrant thang says:

    NICE! Wow, that is not the sound you would expect to come out of his mouth. Where does the accent go? LOL! Are my ears deceiving me or did I hear a little Stevie up in there? Another one to add to my list.

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